Above Ground Pool

I worked at pool supply store once. Go for quality. There were plenty of people with cheap pools who were constantly frustrated because they were doing everything right but their pool was green or having some other problems.

My friend has an above ground with a nice deck and a tiki themed bar. It’s great.

IN for the bewb pics


An above ground pool is like a mullet for your house.

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You can spend $500 or several thousand.


If you’re serious about the pool then absolutely go this route.

Get a proper 18 foot round (or larger) pool installed by a pool shop.

THEN get someone to come and build a deck around at least 1/3 of it.

If you have kids and that setup they’ll be in it ALL spring and summer.

Maintenance is very easy once it’s properly setup and adds value to the house when you sell.

I just moved to a new house 2 years ago, but the one I lived in for the previous 13 had an above ground setup like I described above and it was great.

Current house doesn’t have a pool and we were VERY close to having one installed, but our youngest is 14, so we wouldn’t get the use out of it anymore.

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I grew up with a nice inground pool.

I’m not sure if I’d want to live in a house with any kind of pool again.

At least for me these days, I don’t know if the cost and work would be worth it to put one it. Don’t know how much use Id get out of it.

Pools are kind of like a boat- I’d rather have a friend that has one than own one myself.

See I have no desire for a pool but can’t imagine not having a boat. I’ve had one boat or another for most of the last 12ish years. I also live just a few minutes from the lake. If it was a long haul or saltwater I might feel differently