Absolute Jiu Jitsu/Dartanian Bagby Info?

I'm down to final two picks of gyms here in the Valley, both in North Hollywood. Tough choice though...

It's between Fabiano Iha, at World Sports Center, and Dartanian Bagby (I hope I'm spelling correctly...) at Absolute Jiu Jitsu.

I've met both teachers, and they were both awesome. Dartanian impresses me more with his approach to stand up/take down emphasis, but I've heard Fabiano's coaching on the ground is top-notch.

also, the gym Fabiano is hooked up comes free with his training prices, and it is a pretty cool place.

If anybody here trains at Absolute, I'd love to hear what it's like.


Bagby is a very smart guy .. lawyer smart

Dartanian Bagby is an awesome teacher. He is a very smart guy and does not get involved in the politics of BJJ. I trained with him once a long time ago and he is very good at teaching.

I trained with Fabiano for awhile and I do not consider him top notch as a ground teacher but maybe that is just me. It has been a very long time.

I was interested in Absolute a while ago, but I just couldn't bring myself to pay money to train with someone named Dartanian.

Dartanian >>> Iha imo

I've heard other black belts talk highly of Dartanian. Go with him bro.

Thanks for the feedback, guys. Gonna see if I can get a free class out of both of them before I decide. I'll post some feedback to you all after I do!

If you're in Hollywood, why not throw Shawn Williams in the mix?

I thought about Shawn Williams, but Absolute is literally like 5 minutes from my house, Williams requires a commute to a different part of town...

 if you're that close to Dartanians you might as well pass by Dan The Wolfmans spot too.

New Gym in Burbank, Ca.! DanTheWolfman

The wolfman, huh? Not so sure about that...

Well, my girlfriend went in to Absolute and signed me up as a birthday present for me. Really looking forward to checking this place out. I haven't done ANYTHING physical for a year now, so these first few beatings should be fun...

I'll post later when I get back from practice!!

How'd it go???

I haven't trained there for years (I moved), but Dartanian is a great teacher and smart guy. He's very good at dissecting your game AND personality/psyche type, and custom tutoring your game given those factors. Even these years later, the base of my game is still what I learned there.

He's also extremely knowledgeable about conditioning and nutrition etc.

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Not impossible imo. I saw someone get shot to death 20 feet from the front door there (mexi-gang shooting).

"Some one better check the dumpster..."

Ha ha ha... Almost, dude. And I'm not too proud to admit it!

I knew the first day back was going to suck, and it did. I ended up going in yesterday morning, and I've been sipping humble tea ever since.

I tried to get a good sample of his students, ended up rolling with three different guys, all at different weights. The first guy I rolled with must have went about 185, and he basically ate me for lunch. Incredibly strong, and very fluid. Then I rolled with a guy who only had about six months experience, a white belt who had a little weight on me, but not much. He was all over me positionally, and almost choked me at the end of our roll. He was incredibly good, and I could see him having his way with many of the blue belts I trained with at other schools. The last guy I rolled with was the smallest, and it wasn't until then that I felt a few things coming back to me, positions, old go-to moves, etc, but he was also quite fast and difficult to hold position on, and in fact, I never tapped him because he escaped everything I had for him. This told me everything I needed to know about his gym.

I walked off the mats knowing today was going to be a painful day, but I have to say, it's the best feeling in the world :)

Dartanian was very insightful and observant of everything I was doing. Spotted a ton of mistakes of mine right off the bat, and wasn't shy about pointing them out. This is something I was always looking for in a teacher, the guy who spots things in each individual student and shows them how to improve. Very attentive, and very good about answering questions.

I also appreciated the way class started with throws, and insight from a Greco-Roman background. I have very little training in that area, and I am very excited about developing some game there.

ALL of the students were very cordial, and a pleasure to roll with. No big egos wiping the floor with me as the new guy, even though they could have far more brutal if they wanted.

I see myself developing pretty quickly under his instruction, and I look forward to making his gym my home.

What are the monthly rates for both Absolute and Iha's gym? I've been looking to join a new gym since moving out to LA. Can someone email me at igorman1699@yahoo.com?

Both gyms have a few different options. I am training full time, without contract, for less than it would cost me anywhere else around here.