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This is very much worth everyone's time. Take a few moments and read what Angelo has written because it's very, very good.

Thanks Andreh! I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and leave some feedback. BJJ has given me so much in my life that I felt a strong urge to give something back. I hope some people can take something away from my posts, or even add to common experiences. Thanks to anyone who can take a second to stop my blog and take a moment to read my thoughts. I'd be honored.

Exactly! My thinking is that as an instructor I should be teaching my students to give me as a hard a time as possible, which in turn makes me a better fighter and teacher. Otherwise, I am only cheating them out of an experience. That's why I've always respected our instructor, Caique. We know that we have an open line of communication to ask anything. He has never held back anything and stays current on watching the tournament scene to keep us competitive.

just added this to my bookmarks.

ive been on a mental game kick of late (reading "zen in the art of archery" now, and "the inner game of tennis" before that, so your blog is right up my alley at the moment.

though i must say, does the white text on a black background give every one else as hard a time as it does me? i always feel like I have cataracts once i close the tab, and go somewhere else, with the text haunting me in afterimages. maybe that's your point....;)

anyway, looking forward to reading your blog, thanks!

If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend Zen in the Martial Arts. Also, I am playing around with a different layout for the text and background. Thanks for the input.


fyi--i've dealt with graphics before and flat out, simple black text on a white background works best on a display driven by a video card (i.e. computer).

Thanks! I just wanted the page to stick out and just plain white and black, but I understand your point. I'm playing around with the layout a bit and will make it a little easier on the eyes for my next post which should be up later tonight or tomorrow.





 Good stuff Ang!

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Thanks Dustin! Hope all is well, good luck on the new school I saw you were opening up!


What he said!


 for laters

Colt Seavers... First of all great name, lol. Second, there is no need for a username/password? ??

Make sure the address is: http://thementaldojo.com

Thanks for all the comments, I am truly humbled.

 I did too

Sorry guys, tried posting a new entry this morning and I seemed to have screwed up the formatting and I can't change it from my phone now. I'll fix it in a little bit when I get home.

Okay...fixed it. New post up today! 


Good stuff!

Great stuff.