Absolutely Disgusting people

So, what do you call them men who impregnate them? Are we going to be that much of a piece of shit to women that we are going to completely ignore the male side of the equation or are we just going to call women whores, because men are men or some archaic backwards thinking?

When men actually get a say in the process, then we can talk about that.
Until then, shut the fuck up


I’m sure you enjoy your vagina getting ripped out or taking literal life away from your bones.

The men who just willy nilly cum in these women are just as much whores and deviants, right?

How would you like the men who date your daughter to act?

If she is dating someone it’s because we trust her to make those decisions on her own.

I’d have no ill will towards the boyfriend.
It’s on her to be responsible when having sex.


Ever hear of birth control, stupid? How about the morning-after pill? And to suggest that women don’t bear any responsibility for allowing a man to fuck them unprotected is laughable.

In fact, you seem to be suggesting that women are helpless, irresponsible and should be held to a different standard than men. Just like the typical liberal. Unaware of your own bigotry.


Domestic violence rates tells another story

Don’t get me mixed up with looking at things of all people being equal (outside of the law), we know the realities, I’m just not ashamed to admit it.

Wait… so the woman who is the victim of an abusive partner won’t seek emergency contracpetion behind her partner’s back, but will surely seek an abortion once she’s noticably pregnant?