ABTT....All aboard!

Alan Belcher Top Team! Cant wait to see my pal Alan smash Okami! I was there in person the first time, and i wish i could be there this time.


Like both guys but Belcher loses points for the Rosie Odonnell tat. Phone Post

Ok but dont try to get on after he smashes Okami..... Phone Post

I think belcher takes it easy btw Phone Post

Okami is favored right? Gonna make some $ this weekend Phone Post

I hope Alan KO/TKOs him!

HUGE Belcher fan. He is old school thru and thru. I would LOVE to see Alan fight under PRIDE rules or NHB. That would be a major MMA highlight!!!!!!!!!



ABTT!!! Phone Post

choo choo....BEEP?

Whooooooooo Hooooooooo

War TALENT Phone Post

one more day

In. Alan is one of the most exciting middleweights and i cant wait to watch him crush Okami. Phone Post

Permanently on board. Phone Post

I have a tattoo I regret too.

I'm on!

Choo Choooooooo... Phone Post

In Vegas to watch Belcher destroy Okami... Sports book gonna owe me some good money! Phone Post

Choo choo! I'm worried though I can see Okami smothering him. Phone Post

I'm in!!

Wasn't aware we had such a strong Adrien Brody fanbase here.

War Belcher!