ABTT....All aboard!

Always pulling for Alan, I think he has evolved to the point where he puts in a dominate performance tonight against Okami.

Belcher by TKO!

Yushin's going to be a pain in the ass, but I see Alan taking this.  Boetch worked the Homer Simpson against him.  Anderson's Anderson.  Okami is a solid opponent.  

I gotta fever.......and the only prescription is more Alan Belcher!


I was talking to a couple bros last night that brought up their first fight and said Yushin had this in the bag.  Dude, Alan was like 22 and was his UFC debut.  I also don't think there's been a guy who's improved as much as Alan has during that time.  Even take it from the time he fought Kendall Grove.  You watch that fight and you see a raw, green, Alan Belcher.  He even looks like a kid!  Tough as shit, but all the tools weren't in place yet.  Now they are.  The only fighter that fights as smart as Alan does now at 185 is Anderson.  

Fuck it I'm still here Phone Post

It definitely wasn't his night, but I'm still a huge fan Phone Post