Abu Dhabi Tickets?

Does anyone know where to buy Abu Dhabi tickets? Are they even on sale yet? I've been away for a couple of months.

I called the Pyramid (where the event is being held)and talked to the box office manager and she hadn't heard of ADCC or submission wrestling before. She also said that if it was booked in the pyramid she would know about it. I emailed the ADCC promoter but didn't get a reply.


'The ADCC wanted to have tickets on sale in December, but we still have a few last minute logistical pieces that are falling in place' states the spokesman.

Throughout the month of January, the ADCC will be taking a MAIL ORDER for tickets. This will be a way to purchase tickets in advance of general sales - it is a way to make the best seats available to fans early, and it will be the first chance at getting tickets for this event. The arena seats 4200, so there really is not a bad seat in the house. General sales at TICKETMASTER and such are scheduled to begin in March.

More details on this ticket purchase to come in the next few days!

The Pyramid - Long Beach, CA
TICKET COSTS (All Prices are for 2 DAY PASSES):
Sections 103/111: 1st five rows vip @ $200
Sections 103/111: rest of section $150
Sections 102/104/110/112): $125
Sections 101/105 rows c-l: $100
Sections 107/115: $75
Sections 101/105 rows m-u/106/108: $50

MAT ONE / MAT TWO (side by side on the court)

I've seen many games at the Pyramid and there are no bad seats. It is a great venue.