“Academic” paper promoting incest

How is this sick fuck still employed?

Heteronormativity strikes again!! Dammit!!!

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The only rational thought here is that this guy was abused by his dad/uncle and is trying to cope by telling himself that’s how life is

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pretty much

Ableist is the new racist

And this is why rational people no longer take academia and higher education seriously.

Anyone with a degree after 2014 or so should demand a refund.


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Whoa, whoa there lefties. You haven’t cleared the pedophilia hurdle yet and you’ve already moved on to incest. Slow your roll.

I’m getting my degree in dec. I’ve not had one class that pushed any of this nonsense. But my school is a private stem school. They don’t offer non hard science degrees. None of this social science shit here.

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We can’t pin this exclusively on Australia, all of our countries are doing similar things. Still, it’s a sad day to fully accept that the stereotype of rugged individualists like Mick Dundee and mad Max is dead.

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No, incest comes first. They start with adult cousins, then move to adult siblings, then uncle/aunt with adult niece/nephew, then parents/adult child.

You get to pedo with something like cousin/minor cousin. Then parent/minor child, then straight up strangers fucking random kids in parks.

“If the strange man offers you his penis it’s rude NOT to put it in your mouth.”

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I’ve met Cowboy several times he is from my area. He used to be at the local flea market every weekend and had a squirrel that was chained to his coveralls running around on his shoulders.


I should’ve added some caveats there.

Stem, business, and such all still have value.

To be honest unless a degree was a stem degree it’s always been pretty useless. How many people even in their 40s have journalism, writing, social science degrees that have never done anything remotely related to that since college?

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Can’t seem to find that paper on his profile page. Has it been deleted?

Also how is this for higher education content from Mr thorney,

Choosing disability: bug chasing and gift giving in gay pornography

If not a fist, then what about a stump? Ableism and heteronormativity within Australia’s porn regulations

He is nothing but a degenerate Marxist. An enemy of mankind and they will not stop with trying to destigmatize incest. Their ultimate goal is no sexual boundaries at all with anything.

Fucking your own kids is imparting cultural knowledge upon them. The evil western world doesn’t want them to have this kind of anti-heteronormative knowledge, which is why white people have created the fallacious stigma against incest to try and suppress this knowledge which threatens their position of power over oppressed people of color. In conclusion, in order to be anti-racist, one must fuck his own children and encourage them to fuck each other.


I feel I just learned an awful lot about why America is like it is by the fact that Timmy graduated High School…