academy opening soon vancouver

in a few weeks universal martial arts will be opening downtown 1256 granville st this place is gonna rock!!! there will be muay thai kickboxing,kickboxing,kids classes,womens self defense and brazilian jiu jitsu(machado affiliated)the teachers/instructors are, Master Song president of the muay thai canadian association and trainer of numerous world champions and John Kefallonitis representative of roger machado(machado jiu jitsu) the academy will be ready soon!!!!!! for more info just give me a call John Kefallonitis 604 790-7311 i will keep everyone updated in the weeks to come.

thats great,

good luck with the new location john.


thanks brett hows eveything with you up in kelowna, hows the training? and anytime your in town drop in and train with us



jsk, I got your email and will send you some pics.
The club sounds HUGE, good luck with it!

That sounds great! Actually, sounds just like what I've been looking for! If I can fit it into my schedule (since I live on Vancouver Island), I'd love to come check it out!


Wow, a lot of enthusiasm and exclamation marks on this thread...