Acai vs. Mangosteen

Ok, so which of these berries truly have higher health benefits?

My money is on mangosteen, although it's not a berry.

snail - Why do you choose Mangosteen? What is the difference?

I base my opinion on personal experiences with mangosteen juice (Xango)and on research on mangosteen and xanthones. To be fair, I've heard of acai, but I've never eaten them or taken a supplement with them in it. I'd be willing to try it for myself, but it would have to kick major ass to beat xango, as far as I'm concerned.

a├žai, has the highest ORAC antioxidant values of any food

I use Body Balance.

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Denis Kanygin

how are the powder and capsule forms of acai?

Acai is better in every category but protein.

I've been drinking Acai smoothies every morning for years and I have mad energy all day long and it has the highest orac levels of any fruit on the planet!

It is a bit more expensive than mangosteen but I am a true believer.

If you buy capsules........go to have the best available.

Thank you Outlaws bro.

Acai smoothies with banana and soy milk taste the best and are not so pricey. Sambazon sells them in pints for about $8

If you are going to purchase capsules from sambazon, use these codes to save money:powercaps1(for 1 bottle)powercaps2(for the 2pack)and powercaps3(for the 3pack).The codes are good till' May 30th.

I buy the 76 packs of pure Acai pulp for $133.76.

I use 2 packs of pure Acai,1 bannana,1cup of strawberries,1 tblsp of greens,1 tblsp of flax seed oil, and 2 cups of apple juice.(this recipe is for 2 people)

This is my fav. but you can experiment.......I hate soy and do not recommend it(hemp milk would be better).

The pints are sold at some Costo's but are hard to find.

I prefer buying from Sambazon direct.....join the newsletter to recieve money saving codes.

I just bought a couple of bottles of liquid Acai pulp from a vitamin shop. I will let you know how it works out.

I have purchased the Sambazon smoothie packs before and used the traditional brazilian recipe - which is really freakin good. But want something more convenient. I had heard about Mangosteen and was curious if it was better. Does not sound like it is.

I had some Xango yesterday and it tasted bitter and hurt my stomach=too acidic!

Sambazon sells a concentrate and they are a "Fair Trade company" which means they pay their farmers better and their products have better standards=higher quality.

Açaí has more antioxidants pound for pound than Mangosteen. Furthermore, Açaí has added benefits of naturally occurring Omega combinations.

Also, one thing that a lot of people do not know is that for Açaí to be most effective nutrient value wise, you have to consume it as fresh as possible.  When freshness isn't an option, you have to buy frozen.  Any Açaí sold in any form but frozen is not the same.  The best quality Açaí on the market today is from Sambazon.  Throughout Brazil believe it or not you will in general find poor quality Açaí.  What I mean by that is that the pulp is very diluted with water.  A good Açaí should be thick almost like a cream texture.  The best and freshest Açaí is found in Belém. 

Pure Açaí just made in Belém (Brazilian Capital of Açaí)



what about these guys?

I heard it's big in Fl with the bjj guys and I'm thinking about distributing.

Rooster, I have tried Mona vie and its a good product but is also a network marketing scheme. Everyone gets involved to sell it, yet not too many people buying it. The people making money are the top levels of the pyramid. When you sign up to be a distributor you must purchase a case, then you give out the bottles in hopes of selling other people on becoming distributors.

Yep. I know it's new to KC and I have a guy trying to get me to go on auto buy (2 cases a month). the bottles are 40.00 a piece (for 10 drinks) and it's like 200. bucks for the auto deal.

I flat out can't afford either the drink or the auto buy.

I have two little kids and I can't justify spending my $ on that.

that being said, it looks like a great product for an affluent market. We have a brazillian steakhouse here and I thought about trying to get them to buy, and maybe trying a few other distributors just to get my drink for free.

it sounds good and healthy, but I don't have time for MLM.

I have been buying a similar product at a vitamin store. Its $30 for two bottles. Each bottle lasts about three weeks.

I love acai cause it tastes so friggin good