ACB 81 Dubai: Carneiro vs Saidov - Live Now

On February 23, the best Russian and one of the best promotions in the world of MMA - Absolute Championship Berkut ACB will hold the tournament for the first time at the Sports City Arena in Dubai. In the main battle of the tournament, the most experienced Brazilian Roan Carneiro will fight with the second number of welterweight Aslambek Saidov. In the second most important battle, Luke Barnatt meet with the Russian fighter Maxim Futin. Also worth noting is the interesting confrontation between Abdul-Rahman Dzhanayev and Leonardo Batat.

Fitkard of the tournament

Welterweight: ASLAMBEK SAIDOV (Russia) - ROAN Carneyro (Brazil)
Light Heavyweight: MAXIM FUTIN (Russia) - LYOK BARNATT (Great Britain)
Average weight: ABDUL-RAHMAN JANAEV (Russia) - LEANDRO BATATA (Brazil)
Featherweight: ISLAM ISAEV (Russia) - TIAGO LUIS SILVA (Brazil)
Lightest weight: MAHARBEK KARGINOV (Russia) - FRANCISCO MACHIEL (Brazil)
The easiest weight: NAREK AVAGYAN (Armenia) - ISAAC PIMENTEL (Brazil)
The easiest weight: JOSIEIL SILVA (Brazil) - SAM HELLIDAY
Light weight: BASE MOHAMAD MUBARIZ (Afghanistan) - IAIN FINAN (Scotland)
Cruiserweight: TANNER BOSER (Canada) - JIY LINERMAN (USA)
Featherweight: DIEGO SILVA (Brazil) - HUSSEIN SHAIKHAEV (Russia)
Featherweight: KADIR DALKIRAN (Turkey) - SHAAIB JUSAF (Great Britain)

Former KSW WW champ Saidov arrested for gang crimes

As announced today Olsztyn local media: and Radio Olsztyn, known for his performances on the NSS, the ex-champion of the organization - Aslambek S. - was with four other people arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation.


Officers of the Central Bureau of Investigation arrested Aslambeka S., Aslan A., Michael Sz. and Peter P. on suspicion of activities in an organized criminal group - their alleged actions include offenses related to extortion racketeering, threats and beatings punishable. The matter at the request of the portal commented Simon Bo?kowski, one of the trainers club which was associated Aslambek S .: 


Aslambek is exemplary and hard-working player who was involved in youth work and charitable activities. For us, the whole situation is a shock. 


Portal also captured the suspect's cousin comment, Mamed Chalidowa: 


I'm very surprised. I know what it does Aslambek and I have not seen him to do something illegal. Trained together and spent time. The truth defend itself - says one of the most famous Polish MMA fighters. 


The second club coaches Olsztyn MMA, Paul Derlacz, would not comment on the matter saying that it is too early.