Accidental Brock vs Hunt homoerotic fight poster

Every been in a rush to finish a fight poster and not reallying paying attention? Then it accidently comes out looking like something from a gay porn movie? Well it happened to me. Thought you guys would have fun with this. instagram: @blastedmma

I fixed it later. this version is 300% more generic, but 67% less gay.

facial expressions look like Hunt should be behind Brock

Haaa Ghaeeeey Phone Post 3.0

the penis tat is actually hunt's cock going up through brock's uterus

If Brock gets a takedown this poster will be looked at as having been prophetic Phone Post 3.0

something random - Good but penis tatt not visible enough. Phone Post 3.0
Purposely. Lulz Phone Post 3.0

It'll be interesting to see Brock's physique at ufc 200 with the new testing. Granted that the pic used in the poster looks enhanced. I don't remember him being that shredded and with his pectoral and deltoid muscles turning into one huge super chest like that. Phone Post 3.0

Very nice! Phone Post 3.0