Accidentally taped over Pride GP!

This pisses me off to no-end. I collect each PPV that I order. I liked this last event so much that I started watching it before going to sleep. I popped it in last nite, and I discovered it had a bunch of Fox News taped over it....from beginning to end :(. Must have accidentally hit the 'record' button while I was asleep.

I know this forum frowns on tape-trading, but if anyone has an extra copy (or could make one for me), please let me know. I did pay for this event, I just wish I still had it.

I can't believe I taped over Cro Cop getting KTFO! Damn.

yeah right...

u gpt to pull the tab off the cassette!!

Yeah we believe you. Cough Cough.


"a month later i got the tape back and his wife taped 10 episodes of 90210 on the whole thing."

It could have been worse, at least 90210 rocks. I mean how many times do you want to watch the same fights anyway?

Chief, thats a bummer man. I did exactly the same thing with UFC44, I will never see Randy beat down Tito again :-(

omg! i did the same thing, however, i taped over an EXTENSIVE collection of fights. anyone interested in helping recoup my losses please forward email to:



*teasingly waves mint copy of Pride in the air under the chief's nose*