Accidently Sent an Anne Frank Meme to my New Employer

I had received a text from the h.r. person before about my interview time. Well I went to send my wife this funny meme but somehow screwed it up and sent it to the h.r. directors nbr instead.

I quickly followed up with a text saying sorry disregard sent to the wrong person. They didnt respond yet. You guys think this’ll blow over or get me in trouble?

Since this never happened, I think you’ll be fine.


Nobody even knows who that is. You’ll be fine.

Speaking of thinfa that never happened, you still a virgin cheese nuts?


if you find that to be funny, you need help

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It’s a little known fact that Anne Franke was a 5’11" Amazon godess who could smack talk with the best of em.

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Send this next for more context.

Anne Frank could knock the OP out in one punch.

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Laurel Frank would humiliare and destroy those nazis!

Is this funny? slaps your left ear How about this, does this sound funny? slaps your right ear