Accomodation in Sydney

I am coming over for the ADCC trials in Feb and was wondering if anyone can recommend any places to stay. i am looking at spending a couple of days in Manly and a couple fo days in the City. It is pretty much just a place to sleep so am happy if you suggest a backpackers or something like that, always good to meet foreign woman ;P

There's a backpackers hostel in Manly that you might wanna check out.

The YHA has a backpacker's place in Sydney right near Central Train station, and buses to the airport leave from right outside as well:

YHA doesn't have a hostel in Manly. The nearest I could find was Collaroy:

But I'm sure there are plenty of non-YHA hostels in Manly, and hopefully someone from around there will be able to help you out with details.

thanks for the links cakegirl, i will check them out.

Its a big decision should i spend my money on having fun or a nice place to sleep??? i think fun will win

Fun, fun, fun!

Its been almost 3 years since i did a 6 month contract in Sydney and destoryed my liver, should be alot of fun.

Sydney destroyed my liver too, but I've lived here 25 years... 8-D

There you go, better information than I could have provided.  There are some cheap F-1 accommodation in Sydney, but they'd probably be too far away.

Though if you're thinking about where the ADCC trials will be held, then that's a different case altogether... :)


I just stayed at a great little spot right in the CBD just before NYE, it's like a budget boutique hotel - tiny, but newly refurbished, very clean and stylish and own ensuites.

We called and booked, asking for the "internet rate" which was $80/night for a doubleroom (min 2 nights stay). The rate appears to have gone up a bit since the new year to about $95 a night, but you could always try.

Otherwise, you should have a look at

the best site for cheap hotel bookings online.

These two hotels are right at Olympic Park in Homebush, the site of the ADCC trials.

Good luck!

Thanks guys, i will have a look at the links today. i would be more interested in staying closer to where everyone will be drinking after the ADCC trials