It sure is a telling sign that the only ones who care about mods deleting their posts are the known "trolls".

I'm sorry for being a pain in the arse..........

but it is fun sometimes............ now, how do I find out if I'm a troll?

Wildcard, that's a great idea however there are still many non paying members who are fine, upstanding, and long-time members who also imo would normally deserve the courtesy of knowing why their post was deleted.

"deliberation is subjective. King Yoshida may be a troll to many here, but that's simply because his views are out of the gracie-nuthugging party line. Gracie nuthuggers see him as a troll, while judo lovers see him as being rational. I think this place needs to be conscious or aware of its extreme bias towards BJJ and improve it from the root of the problem."

Not at all.Many people have different views here, most aren't seen as trolls at all.It's all in the delivery of the message.I don't think King Yoshida is a "troll", but he has "trolled" before and admitted so.Push come to shove that kind of stuff while perhaps mostly harmless, can hurt one's credibilty when it comes time to question ones motives or intent.People don't normally get stuff deleted because of their view, people get stuff deleted because of the manner they deliver that view.Someone just not agreeing doesn't make them a "gracie nuthugger".

It is subjective though, i agree.That's the human element problem of it all.Some people just laugh stuff off while others may get offended.Really the grey areas aren't stuff that should be in question here, i'm talking the obvious stuff by people known to do such things.You get the benefit of the doubt at first, but if you continue then you get a rep.I think Mods certainly should be accountable but then so should the members for the stuff they're posting.This is where warnings come into play.

Gah games' back i'll be back 2nd intermission lol

That creates accountability.But not public accountability. That is the important part.

Btw.. I'm all for accountability on all sides. Frankly, I think there should be more bans for bad behavior, but it has to be explicit what the ban is for and who it is from.

Too many fighters and others have been driven off this forum. However, inconsistant moderation isn't much better than no moderation. Then trolls simply get indignant when a rule is actually enforced.

Your idea for accountability is a good one.

On the idea that some non-paying members are good contributors, that is true. However, if there is no better solution that benefits everyone, then implement the solution that benefits paying customers. After all, they are supporting the site directly.

Then once, there is a solution for a subset of members, then folk can take the time to come up with a more difficult solution for everyone. :)


"King Yoshida deleted and pwned by Musashi on 1/3/2004 for a violation of rule 23.4: being an ass"


Agree with everyting form Gordon Hester so far on this thread.

ttt. For you idea