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Do you mean when you tried to threaten people and I didn’t take it?

I’m done with this faggot twink. @Kirik_Jr You’re a faggot bitch so up your nose with a rubber hose, LOL

Yeah and you miss doing " The Twist" at prom too.

Did I mention the TT era is fucking done yet?

The sad truth is you are nothing but a sad imitation… a shallow reflection… a pale, flaccid, limp tribute to the excellence that was Steve W.


RIP June Carter horse penis

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Out you go too Gandolf

Waiting for JJ Dillon to arrive.

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Oh snap, JJ Dillion references. I like where this is going.

He caved in to 10er’s “Resist Pedal Assist” campaign.

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Trigger warning for cotton. That looks extra commie

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tenor (10)

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