Ace vs The Athlete

In March, whos gonna win and how?

This fight is confirmed?

MMA Weekley's Rumor section

UFC 68: MARCH 3, 2007 IN COLUMBUS, OHIO (Nationwide Arena)

-Tim Sylvia (#5 Heavyweight in the World)* vs. Brandon Vera [dependent on Vera's contract negotiations]
-Rich Franklin (#5 Middleweight)* vs. Jason MacDonald
-Matt Hughes (#2 Welterweight)* vs. TBA
-Karo Parisyan (#5 Welterweight)* vs. TBA
-Mike Swick vs. TBA
-Assuerio Silva vs. TBA

that sounds really cool.
ace vs the athlete.

that's what they should call the show imo.

"The Athlete" by athleticism.

Ace by actually possessing standup skills

Go Vera.

Got to be Okami vs Swick, unless the UFC want to prtoect Mike for a title shot. Seems like those two have to fight and then the winner vs. the winner of Franklin/MacDonald should main event an Ultimate fight night in a no.1 contenders match for a Title shot around October...

I can understand why ZUFFA may want to feed Swick someone mediocre though as he is definitely marketable...

I wasn't impressed with McDonalds standup. I say Rich fucks him up pretty good.

I think Rich will come out sharp for this fight. He's got something to prove and needs someone's head to prove it on. Franklin by KO round 2.

rich will smash swick and mcdonald.

i have to see okami fight..??

If this fight happens, it will probably be brutal for McDonald. There is no way in hell he can take Rich down.

Even if he did take Rich down, isn't Rich better on the ground then him?

Rich probably isn't better technical skill wise but he is sure as hell stronger. Rich should destroy him and it is a shame that MacDonald will be stuck as a gatekeeper because he is truely talented.

Macdonald by sub R1.

hey man he's from my town i gotta pull for him. big fight for "The Athlete".

hopefully he can get it done, but franklin is.. well.. franklin.

Interesting matchup. Can't wait. In Rich's home state too.

"Even if he did take Rich down, isn't Rich better on the ground then him?"

Rich probably isnt going to pull off a sub from his back, but he would probably be able to scrambe back to his feet pretty easily. But Rich's takedown defense is really good and judging by the troubles McDonald had with Lebens standup, I'm sure Rich would keep it standing and pick him apart.

Depends alot on how Ace will rebound from his last fight + injuries.

Can't wait for this. First live UFC for me. =D