ace vs vitor sn bet anyone?

 i got belfort....

 where u at cre.

I already got one with vengence but ttt

 ouch, was the bitch part needed?

anyways deal. 30 days?

 ohhh your dead home boi!

your goin downnnn

 your new name is gonna be "SmooshFaceAce"

bank on it! 

 and quit posting pix of your mom, save that crap for the OG

If rich wins its via decision and if vitor wins its ko or tko.....

 ok sharp1. go email kirik and tell him you want you screenname to be


 he better....he lost fair and square. worlds greatest handicapper my ace!

 maybe that should be his name, HandicapperMyAce haha

 i like smooshfaceace better

stop talking to yourself

 what if i dont want to....nice name by the way!

maybe ill make you disapear like sharp1 huh? you want that? i dont think so.... and yes the name is kind of catchy

Awesome names coming up!

Phenom nom nom'd my Ace!

 I'll take vitor

sharp1 -  rich franklin will win

I guarantee it

 settle down there


SmoothFaceAce -  all done

 ok now email kirik and have your name changed to the ACTUAL name i gave you. this is a low move man, i cant believe the nerve.

SMOOSHFACEACE is your new name, deal with it