Acid Cigars?

It was my first time in a smoke shop so i got a box of Cohibas and a couple Acid cigars (Extraordinary Larry which cost $10 and the Roam which cost $8). I was wondering if these were anything special. I liked it better than the Cohibas (even better than the Cuban cohibas i tried a few years ago), but that's because i'm not a real smoker and the Acid cigars seem to be alot smoother tasting for me. So, for the afficianados, are these considered good or garbage? Is $10 for a cigar cheap or expensive? Enlighten my stupid ass.



If you likes em, coo

Can ya tell me what makes them garbage compared to good cigars (and what are some good cigars?)? Are they popular? Thanks.

They and the Lars Tetens are very aromatic and taste like it. Like sucking on potpourri.

Poopular? Not really, but LArs' do pretty well.

A few great cigars: Padron, Punch Gran Cru, La Vieja Habana, Bolivar Fuerte........Macanudo for the mild smoker.

Good luck!

Ok, Cool. Can you be a bit specific on what makes them garbage and what makes the great ones great? Sorry, i'm a newbie to cigars. Also, are the dominican cohibas anywhere near as good in quality as the cuban cohibas? Thanks for educating my dumbass.

Im faded, but Dom Cohibas are the runny poo of the Cubanos

IMO, no time should ytou have to flavor tobacco to enjoy iy.

Hello Marzz,

Its pretty much about what your tastes are.. If you like it go for it if you dont you dont.. Doiminican grown or Nicaraguan grown tobacco are my favorites (in that order)

Most people start out with mild cigars, then move up to the stronger cigars such as a Bolivar Fuerte.

Buy a couple at a time test things abit. High price dosn't necessarily equal a good cigar to all.

As for garbage, (again its a matter of taste) for me a garbage cigar tastes like grass, is poorly made, has many knots in the filler and dosnt draw well.

Greatness for me is taste, long filler consitently rolled foot to tip, no knotts, smooth full tilt flavorfull smoke, maduro.

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Steel Talon

Thanks ST, that was perfect. Ill just add that the reason I abhore the Acids, Lars etc is that they are flavored. If a cigar is so bad that you need to dip in Drakkar, I don't want to smoke it.

I equate it to Corona beer: it's a horrible beer. Yet people drink the shit out of it. But 90% of the time it's with citrus. A beer that is so shitty that you can't open the bottle and enjoy without adding shit, I won't drink.

Hello JM...


I also agree about flavored $moke$$$. Many years ago I remember a brand called Sublime it was a Bourbon flavored fat boy. I wouldnt go near it and the salesguy kept trying to convince me that it was the best thing going LOL, Here I'm trying to buy a box of Fuente Hemingways and this guy is pushing this Sublime...

Pearl and Lone Star beers are my bane, I was stationed in Texas in the 70's when I was talked into trying that crap I doubt that even lime juice could of improved them LOL.

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Steel Talon

LOL. See my thread on Aspen Edge for other undrinkable beers.