Acid taste on fatigue

I've heard that the horrid acid taste you get in your mouth during fatigueing exercise is lactic acid. Is this true? How and why does it end up in your mouth?

To pre-empt, no I am not gay, no not that type of exercie and no not that type of acid taste.

Dont know if its true or not, but supposedly the saliva in your mouth is filtered from your blood. More acid in the blood, more acid in the mouth.

That said, i'd say it's probably dehydration. Try drinking more water.


What type of exercises do gay people do, and how would you know that it tastes like acid?

ummmm......yeah, good point. LOL

I've had this horrible taste before - kind of like it's coming up from your stomach?

I always thought it was just your stomach acid working its way up. The acid taste taste to me is a warning that if I go much further, I'll puke. (Not always a bad thing)

Honestly I've never experienced what you guys are talking about. I've trained to the point of puking on a few occasions and didn't experience this. Does it happen to you often?

Best in Health and Training, J. R.

Yeah, under you tongue where the saliva builds up. The saliva welling up is acid tasting, kind of mildy burns under you tongue, so you want to spit.

I've heard in a biography someone describe it as the taste of lactic acid, was wondering if this was what it is.

Yeah, I get that if I have either, not eaten enough or eaten to close to working out, I always assumed it was acid indigestion caused by my gut shutting down cos I was working my body