ACL doctor excuse?

I am seeing the doctor tomorrow about my knee and need to make up a reason why it hurts.

I tore my ACL several years ago and didn't do anything, and I want to get surgery now, so I don't want it to fall under 'pre-existing' so it's not covered.

I am planning to say I hurt it trying to do flying knees in my living (which I actually did and hurt it again).

is that enough for you to tear your ACL?

Use the classic "I was defending a single and my foot got stuck in the mat."

Be aware that the DR may be smart enough to notice your atrophied-ass ACL and may not fall for it, but worth a try.

It is possible to tear the acl a bit, have some knee pain and go about life so even if the dr. determines it was torn before, doesn't mean you didn't just re aggrevate it. I dont think you have to weorry about pre existing anything. Plus pre existing means you had it before you had insurance and they can use that to disqualify you from receiving said coverage. So, if you have insurance already it doesn't apply to you. Example. I have diabetes and I apply for Insurance, they say I have a pre existing condition and fail to insure me. So once your insured they have to cover.

I didn't have the insurance I have now. I had it under my parent's company, which they no longer work for.

So my current insurance never covered the original injury.

Are you sure the insurance won't cover it?

I'm not sure, but anytime there is something in the past I've tried to cover, they look through my records and find it 'pre-existing' and they don't cover it. I'll find out more when I see dr tomorrow

Dont worry. It doesn't fall under pre existing condition. Just go to the doctor tell them it has been sore and it is getting worse.

ok - I just know that he's going to ask how long it's been going on.

to tear your ACL something major has to happen (which did), so I'll have to say some event.

I'd tell them something like

"somebody handed me a heavy box, and I turned in a wierd way. My knee popped, and it's been hurting ever since."


"I was getting out of a friends car and twisted it wrong"


"I was working on my flying dragon kicks, and some ninjas ambushed me..."


Just say you fell. You were jumping up over something in your home and you fell. A dog. A box. Some laundry. A dog in a box full of laundry. Whatever. Your knee got twisted up and you heard something tear/pop. It felt okay at first, cuz you got up. But you couldn't turn and it felt unstable.

(a lot of ACL's occur playing basketball where people come down from a jump and turn the wrong way)


Don't say it hurts when you turn, twist, etc. Say it feels different... after you fell. Unstable. Unstable. Unstable.

For insurance purposes you need to say you fell AT YOUR RESIDENCE. You don't want people trying to blame companies, individuals, work, etc. Which is what your insurance company will want to do.

Also, ACL's are notorious for being difficult to diagnose time wise. Without some orthoscopy they cant tell if you did it last week or last summer. They WANT to see swelling, but that is easily explained - because you did it A WEEK AGO, thought it would heal up, but it didn't so you went to a doctor. Period. End of story. Stick to it.

thank you!

"Last summer in August I did flying knees IN MY APARTMENT and my leg gave out. It felt UNSTABLE. I was hoping it would heal, and took glucosamine, but it came back every now and then, and last night I went to class and it popped."

I had insurance since early last year, so august is covered.

can I get a copy of my medical records? is that available to the public or the patient?