ACL Problem and Grappling

Has Anyone had Successful ACL surgery and Grappled after without any problems? I stretched my ACL and the Doc says I need to have surgery. I have pain when kneeling and cant Grapple at all. Thanx Duane

I've had both my ACL's done, and I grapple at least 3 days a week and
lift at least 3. With todays methods you'll be fine in 6 months with
proper rehab.

Best of luck!

I've had 3 ACL reconstructions done and my knees feel great and I'm still going strong. Have the surgery as soon as you can unless you want want to pop your knee a lot. Don't skimp on the rehab or you'll be sorry. It takes about 9 months to come back from the date of surgery, but everyone is different. Some people say they can rehab in 6 months others say it takes a year or more.

Best of luck to you!

I think it depends on what method the surgeon uses.
I had my first one done with a patella tendon graft, and it took almost
a year before it felt ok, and then my second one was a cadaver graft
and it was much less recovery time.
I was back on the matt in 6 months.

I thought for sure I was done grappling. You guys just took a weight off my shoulders after reading your replies. Iv'e had 3 scopes w meniscus trims the last one a week ago and during that he found the ACL problem, He couldnt repair it at the time,He did say it was stretched and not torn, How do they repair a stretched ACL?

On my three surgeries, all were done using different methods. My first one was done as an allograph (which like Joe said, is a cadavre ligament). That was pretty cool, having a dead guy's body part inside me. Unfortunately that one shredded and I had it redone using a little peice of my patellar tendon (I think this is the most common). My third ACL which was my other knee, they decided to transplant a small piece of my hamstring tendon.

Out of all three surgeries, I'd say the recovery and rehab using my hamstring tendon was the worst.

The top and bottom part of your leg (fibula, tibia, etc.) are held together by four main ligaments around the knee. Those four are the ACL (anterior cruiciate ligament), PCL (posterior cruciate ligament), MCL (medial collateral ligament), and LCL (lateral collateral ligament). The ACL and PCL are inside your knee and MCL is on the outside and LCL is on the inside. The MCL and LCL can sometimes heal(if they are not torn completely), but the PCL and ACL need to be reconstructed in order to heal and provide stability to your knee.

The most common ligament tear is the MCL and ACL (sometimes together). When they say your ACL is stretched, they probably mean that the ligament is too lose to be able to provide you the stability you need to do anything athletic. I'm no ortho, but I don't know how they would be able to fix it without replacing it entirely. That is something you need to find out. Usually, there is some menicscus tears that come along with that, but that is minor for the MOST part.

Get the surgery, it's not worth putting off. I hope you

have some good health insurance, cause the surgery ain't cheap.

I hope this helps.

A big thanx to all you guys. I checked out the ACL FAQ thread, Great thread lots of info, I even printed it out. Duane