Im looking for some solid input and I know this forum is a great place to get the proper feedback. I injured my knee in November. Originally diagnosed as a hamstring injury I went to PT and worked on it for a few weeks(felt pretty good). Upon returning to my doctor on a follow up visit an MRI was recommended. As you can tell by the headline of this thread an ACL Tear is what Im faced with. The doctor recomended strength training first(build up my guads and hamstrings). I quess to provide more support. He thinks it's more than a partial tear but due to the stability I do have some scaring may have taken place.
The question is ..... I was getting ready to test for a few police depts. With a top of the line ACL brace and a few solid months or more of rehab do you think it would be possible to get through an academy? Or is the operation a given? Please any feedback,tips,personal stories would be much appreciated.. thanks Mark