AcomSports grappling tourny thanks

This is jerry mendez here.  I just want to give a special thanks to all who competed in the Acom-Sports Submission World Championships on saturday @ the rahway recreation center.  It was a great event.  I know i had to combine certain divisions, but everyone did really well.  Special Thanks to DEAD-GAME for sponsoring the Championship belts and the 190 - under open tournament.  It was a lot of fun.  The next event will be coming soon.  Will feature a team competition and single player competition.  We will be giving $1000 Cash prize for the open division winner as well as the championship belt.  Let see what happens.  Thanks for everything folks.  without the competitors there would be no Acom-Sports.  Thanks and God Bless




Jerry Mendez

great job jerry TTT

I wish I could have gotten there earlier, but I did catch some great grappling - all the guys I talked to said they had a great time and hoped you'd do it again...

Great job!

Of course, you also had to referee MMA until 1:30am, so you deserve double kudos...


Im so sorry i couldnt make it Jerry, Ill be there next time

Dave Rosky helped tremendously with refereeing the mma.  He did a great job.

Yeah, it was a real trial by fire - almost all his matches called for quick ref intervention and he was right there each time... while Jerry sat on the sidelines reading Highlights and eating Skittles...