Acoustic "twang" from strings

 So I changed strings (steel) on my acoustic a few months ago and there was the ever dreadful twang sound from the strings, particularly on the first through third frets. (Stops completely around the 5th fret on all strings)  I assumed it could be new string related as I've never had an issue at all with the acoustic. Fast forward a couple months and its still present. I havent messed with it because I primarily play on my classical, but I'd like to get this fixed. 

What caused this (again, never had a problem before), what needs to be fixed, and more importantly is it something I can do myself or do I need to take it in somewhere? 

ive looked at the saddle on the bridge, assuming the most likely error was me putting that on backwards when restringing, but I cannot for the life of me tell which way and direction is "correct". 

 all the strings are sitting way too low, i guess hence the twang, im assuming the easiest way to troubleshoot would be to flip the saddle and try to restring with a fresh set of strings. 

im making the assumption that it has to be something simple like the saddle being flipped the wrong way, since I've never had a similar issue before. 

You can try shimming the bridge. How light of a string are you using?

Wow wonder why my screen name changed?

 Sounds to me like you put lighter tension strings on.

The buzz in the low register implies a neck that is too straight or even backbowed. Your statement that the action looks low also implies the nack has pulled back.

Hold the guitar in playing position. Press down the low E string at the first fret with your left hand and the 14th fret with your right thumb. You can now bounce the string a bit at around the 7-8th fret. Is there any space to bounce? Should be just a little, maybe business card thickness. If there is NO bounce, you likely need to back off the truss rod tension a little.