acronyms that i no longer see around...

...or used correctly.

BFF = "butt fucking friend" (used for fucking faggotry. now?)

CDU = "Cum Disposal Unit" (used for THAT girl in the group who everyone plunders. and swallows for love)



DSL = dick sucking lips

BBH - Bros before hoes or Big booty hoes.

fnunderful - DSL = dick sucking lips

eyep. i will never stop thinking this fucking faggot internet

fnunderful - DSL = dick sucking lips
I still use this Phone Post 3.0


Am I dating myself? Phone Post 3.0

36/???/Pali Longs



don't hear that much if ever anymore

ATM = ass to mouth
BDT = balls don't touch

atm still alive and well

Definitely FUBAR.  I think we should bring this back and lead by example.

i would like to fubar society