ACT: Need people to roll with.

G'day all,

I'm looking for anybody in Canberra who wants to roll during the weekdays. I normally train 3 times a week at the Machado club (the only Canberra club) but I feel like doing more grappling off training days. Is anyone out there in internet land interested?

Drop me a mail to


Just drop the caps and numbers off the address.



Hi Joe,

In case it helps, the closest Brasilian BJJ Black Belt would be Royler Gracie black belt Bruno Panno, who has classes in Cronulla.

Check out for details.


Your fetish for dropping Bruno's name is starting to get a little weird.....

Also, If I was in the mood to drive several hours to train, I'd rather train at Elvis and Anthony's gym. Both being Machado's and guys I can identify from a bar of soap.

"I'm looking for anybody in Canberra.."

Must have poorly worded the above line. My bad.



Hi Joe,

I am not a name dropper.

"...In case it helps, the closest..."

I think my post was relvant in this context, though I don't speak much English these days so maybe my grammar needs correcting?

Being this is a public discussion forum, also remember there may be other people in the area who would be interested to train with a Brasilian BJJ Black Belt, such as (my instructor) Royler Gracie Black Belt Bruno Panno and would benefit from my post.

Good luck with your training,


move to brisbane :p

"a canned meat made largely from pork"

Recently I've noticed alot of it appearing in threads...

Joe, come up to Sydney and train at SPMA on Tuesday and Thursday at 11am.  While you're around, hang out til our evening class... ;)


"leave your ego at the door" as the two bb have enough for the entire academy

I guess I should start promoting myself instead of others and then I will be considered a nice guy.

Also anyone reading this thread that's heading to Sydney, don't forget as my gringo friend Ben mentions, there are a lot of good Brasilians

These three are all BJJ Black Belts from Brasil, and are the directors of the NSW BJJ Federation - all very nice guys with strong academies.


I might take you up on your offer next time I take a stretch off work. Untill then I'm just looking to take longish lunches and have a roll during the day.



p.s Keep doing what you've been doing to Ben, he always comes back a bit more sedate after rolling with you....


Joe, it's probably the water...



Maybe. It'd take a lot of water to calm him down though.....

On a semi-serious note - The technique he's bringing back is all good. Thanks for that!


Hey Joe,

I'm in Canberra and interested in some rolling and drilling.

Only downside (for you) is that my grappling experience is limited to Judo newaza (was trying to make it along to the Canberra BJJ club, but it's a bit of a pain on the days they train). Thus, I know the positions and a few techniques, but I probably wouldn't be up to your standard.

Let me know if you're interested and I'll drop you an email.



PS - Before anyone posts, no I can't make it up to Sydney at the moment ;-)


Drop an email to the address at the top of the thread (drop the CAPS and numbers) and we'll tee it up.



p.s - My standard is not very good!!!!


You guys are really funny, I can hardly contain my laughter...

Your all going down.

Ben's skill that he's bringing back?!?!? cough cough you're going down also for lack of flattery!

looks like I might have some time down there in feb for work, happy to have a roll.

Big D,

I didn't say skill - I said "technique he's bringing back". I know the 2 of you don't just pull new stuff out of your ass (at least I hope not....) :)

I'll drop your name next time so you don't feel left out... :)

And it's true, you two get way mellow after being mauled by Elvis & Anthony. :)


I've already told you. I'll only go down if you ask nice....

Hey Alex, hows it going?

Your welcome to come down for a roll. Post something a little closer to when your coming and we can sort out times and address etc.


Hey Alex, good to hear you'll be in town, look forward to having you train.

And Joe, about the coming back mellow thing, at SPMA Ben and I are probably even more smartass than at our club. :)