Acting as legal counsel

What would it take to represent yourself as a "specialist" in a court of law say for county/city level court?

Be able to cross-examine evidence like on a HD?

I always wondered who do lawyers go to for this type of information and if I wanted to tell the old law firm I worked at that I could act as expert witness am I stepping into a whole other world or it is only a matter of what the other side's ability to produce someone to counter my arguments?


I have no idea! Sounds cool though!

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not legal counsel, but subject matter expert.

consider the crimes that you'd want to work.

internet sex stings, child porn, cyberbullying. are there more?

you could really work either side of the case, although it seems that most police departments are staffing their cybercrimes units well.

i'd like to attend a trial to see the types of evidence is presented.

all you'd have to do is find cases in the paper, then talk to the the lawyers working it.

i attended an IT security meeting where the speaker talked about a case he worked.

13 year old kid's computer was turned into a child porn server. kid found the porn, told no one, disconnected it and stuffed it away in the basement.

at his trial, the speaker had to explain to the dummy jury and a 60 year old judge about trojans and zombie machines.

the kid got off.


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