Action Replay for XBox

Is anyone familiar with how the save files for Action Replay are created? I've used a couple from the website to good effect, but whenever I alter them and re-save them, they are considered corrupted when I port them over from the PC to the XBox. For example, if I download a save file for KOTOR 1 and it has all stats maxed to 25, and I open up the text editor (I can't recall if they are .cfg files, but text editors open them fine) and change them all to 10, 18, or whatever, then save it and pop it onto the transfer card, it won't work in the XBox.

What am I missing here?

Whoops, never mind - did a little digging, found out MS has all saves digitally signed, but also found a program that gets around that ;-)


Program only works on modded XBoxes.

back to the drawing board......