active mma fighters @ 90-99kg

i was having a discussion the other day about the amount of active big guys in oz mma, it seems that there r a ton of smaller guys, but the heavier guys r few and far between.

u of course have the perennial names such as dave frendin, nathan white. but who else is there that is actively fighting or wants to fight at the top level, i know that elvis and perosh r up there, but they r international now. i hear that kym robinson is on the comeback trail.

and where did andrew gorton go? he fell off the map

I think you will find it the same in most sports.

Lot more boxers in the welterweight 63kgs to the lightheavy weights 79kgs than there is at the heavyweight.

The is alot of guys walking around the street at 90+ kgs but these guys are eating right and training 6 days a week, Most fighters try to cut weight to get into the lighter divisions. So maybe a guy walking around at 90 kgs would fight as a 79kgs fighter.

I am in this weight range and I would like to find an opponent to fight to make a return to the ring after a periiod of defeat and stagnation.

I dont really think that there are to many guys at this weight range currently.

Least of all active.

Kym Robinson

Im currently walking around at 98kg, while coaching and in idel training for myself. I would really like to fight, and I would really like to re-build myself as a fighter.

I am un-certain as to how I am to do this in todays current land scape. Perhaps fight as a HW ?


will u be ready by, say, 19th may?

Where ?

I should be..coaching a few ppl..but am interested :)


i heard there is a good event in sydney on the 19th may. looking for some fighters, perhaps u should throw ur name in there


I always hoped to match with you, as I never really got to test myself against a Grappling stylist, most of my opponents were mainly strikers.

Warriors Realm would probably be best format for 2 grappling stylists?

These days I'm kind of retired, injuries more than anything.

Good luck finding a match, shame the HW class isn't more alive in Australia, I thought the Spartan 8 man really heated that class up but it didn't really find any longevity.



I've been feeling keen to have another go. My BJJ is coming along really nicely and, FS wrestled for ages after my last fight.... I'm just old and, tired and, not sure I can get the conditioning back.... it's a shame 'cause I'm heaps better now than when I was competing...

is there old man rules??? ie 2 min rounds w/5 min break :-D

scrap that...just read the initial post properly

I have plans to give it ago this year at some stage just have to see when it is between business commitments and getting fit


I think you still have a fair bit to offer as a fighter. If I had something on I'd put you on in a blink!


Should me and uncle gruntly fight since we argue so much on the forum? I would be down with old man rules:

Three rounds of three minutes, with a mandatory water break whenever one of us is tired

No ring girls, they may cause a heart attack

And the fight happens before eight oclock at night cause we need our sleep



Would be a privellege to fight some one of your skill. I am coaching and working at the moment, but I am training on the pretense that something may be on the horizon.

In-activity sucks, and makes one complacent. And as the saying goes your only as good as your last fight which makes me nothing more than a first round TKO statistic.

I feel that what doesnt help MMA activity levels is that shows are all virtually on the same weekend.


Don't you love me any more ?:(


I would like to see Kim vs Gerald or Kim vs Bull Hickmont. Two good fights.

sorry. kym not kim.

I would love to see Uncle Gruntly fight again! He is waaaay better than he was last time he fought.

The Bull and I had the pleasure of fighting one another way back in March of 2004.

He is a cool guy and I love to watch the man bovine fight.

I would like to see Gerald fight period and should I be the man that he beats on then so be it :P


ok, ok Me, Kym, Gerald and, the Rev. 4 man tourney....

let the bidding begin..... :-D

Osumo.... you just want to see me beat up by the Rev. don't you?

Still got love for you Kym, just been 2 busy to call sorry mate.