Active NFL Players Who Will Be "Punch Drunk"....

... after they retire.

yes, i know i made a similiar thread on the UG listing active fighters.

but i don't know jack shit about football.

i am genuinely curious about this subject.

i heard Hines Ward (or was it Troy Polalasomethingororther) has had a lot of concussions and/or hard hits, so will that guy be punchy later in life?

Kyle Orton will just be plain drunk

Wes Welker. Dude has like 4 concussions a year. There will be a lot we never hear about though.

Damn that makes me sad just typing it. Phone Post 3.0

Wes Welker has had a stack of concussions (TBI) and also got caught popping a molly.

That motherfucker is a lock for dementia or Parkinson's.

I throw Austin Collie into the mix:

Unfortunately I think Gronk will be... Phone Post 3.0

Eli Manning has had a confused look on his face since the day he was drafted. Phone Post 3.0

Colt McCoy took a lot of hits in college. The kid won't slide!

Marshawn Lynch

Brent Celek Phone Post 3.0