Activision/Blizzard Scandal Stories?

It’s hard to discern if there’s any actual evidence of wrongdoing having taken place.

All the articles I’ve read simply point out a, “culture of misconduct” with vague allegations that do nothing to support the claim.

Is there any actual evidence here? Or is it just a case of, “believe all allegations”?

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If you’ve been around gaming for a while, specifically MMO’s, you’ll know who Alex Afrasiabi is and what a degenerate he is. I don’t doubt any of the allegations about him.


Supposedly these nerds are/were making up for being ignored by women for the majority of their lives, and working conditions were so bad; on a work trip they all took they got the females completely smashed and banged them in the hotel room (while recording/taking pics). One girl took it so bad she killed herself. They would refer to that room, and one of the offices as “the Cosby room”.

I don’t know, I don’t doubt it. I’ve known super fucking doorks that once they got a bit of money went complete weinstein. Making up for lost time I guess, but only in a way that someone on the spectrum could take it.

Here’s a link.

Kotic is on the flight logbooks for Epstein Island

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So, no actual evidence of wrongdoing.

Just allegations…?

It’s a bunch of nerds with money. Were not talking about mexicali cartel. NERDS

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What happened to Blizzard is they tried to make SJWs happy.

This is the end result.

Never, ever apologize.


Evidence is murky at best I suppose. There’s a lot of smoke, but no fire. I get what you’re saying.

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That’s a problem.

There’s no evidence of wrongdoing and everyone is simply taking it as gospel that bad things actually happened.

It’s an absurd trend in society.


it’s 100% real.

old friend of mine from high school is an Senior VP of HR for blizzard. they’ve absolutely seen pics/vid of illegal shit in the building and at offsite events. HR swept a lot of it under the rug. it’s going to cost them 9 figures at a minimum and some of the guys are going to get hit with criminal charges.


Where are these pics/vids?

Without them, this all means nothing.

I have pics/vids of Hunter Biden fucking a dog.

I said that. Does that make it so? Or would you expect me to provide the proof in order to believe it?

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Fuck that sounds awful. Are those pics/vids posted somewhere? I want to avoid that website.

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A huge number of their employees have come out to support the allegations and there is a possible criminal investigation happening. They also made the weird decision to announce that their “zero tolerance” policy doesn’t apply to the CEO.

That is an awful lot of smoke.


The allegations are on the site I posted, cool gif goofball.

Afrasiabi’s hotel suite at Blizzcon was nicknamed the “Cosby Suite”

I’ll let you figure out why

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if someone from Blizzards HR is telling me they’ve seen the pics i believe him. he has every reason to lie and say it’s all bullshit.

bottom line is the same thing happened at Riot Games. ONE fucking chick got paid 10mm over the same crazy shit that is alleged to have happened to multiple women at Blizzard.

how many pics/vids did you see from that lawsuit? zero, that’s how many.

bottomline is they have pics/vids and sworn statements from dudes that are deathly afraid of jail time so they’re rolling over like crazy.

in reality the sexism suit Riot lost is far more benign than what’s accused at Blizzard. if even half of the blizzard stuff is true they’re absolutely fucked.

I don’t know about these allegations, but they all deserve to be locked up for dumping a play-to-win mobile game on us.


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