Activision/Blizzard Scandal Stories?

It wasn’t common knowledge until 2014.

The average nerd working at Activision wasn’t privy to the inner workings of the celebrity sex scene.

Not very common, but the kind of thing that could easily become an in-joke once someone in a group knows about it. I know that I knew about it, there had been another few legal cases around him a few years before that.

Not everyone in the country was talking about it, but it isn’t some wild stretch of the imagination for some Californian sex pests to be aware.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight…some random nerds in a video games company somehow had inside knowledge to the sexual predilections of washed-up television personality.

Just because you hadn’t heard of something, doesn’t mean nobody did. Cosby was in court about it from 2004-2006.

LOL…allegations that went nowhere until 2014. Eight years later.

I realise you’re regurgitating Open Society talking points, but try to make them vaguely believable.

For obvious reasons I have zero problem believing this.

Allegations that turned out to be true 8 years later. And you don’t need to be successful in court for the rumor mill to get going. Tons of people had heard of it, you just weren’t one of them. Sorry if you feel bad about being late on that one.

It is also weird to dismiss millionaire business executives as “some nerds in a video game company” like Bobby Kotick is putting together Indy projects for the love of the game.



You really think asexual sociopath Bobby Kotik was ‘in’ on the Cosby suite?

But were still widely known about during those 8 years. I don’t think Buress was waiting for the courts to make a joke.

LOL@at clinging to some obscure comedian who didn’t overtly reference Cosby until 2014…

This is just embarrassing.

It’s pretty obvious something went down. I think we can all agree on that based on the claims. I tend to lean towards Alto’s point of view. My son was telling me was getting a DDoS attack last night because of everything and then tried lecturing me on what happened and I had to remind him that we haven’t spoken to anyone in the situation. The only info we are getting is what is pasted on the internet and we need to always take that with a grain of salt.

I get that you are a foreigner so maybe aren’t fully clued in on America, but insisting that nobody heard of a court case with journalistic investigations to go with it just because you hadn’t heard of it is very bizarre. I remember my reaction in 2014 was “oh, we are doing this again? Hope they get him this time” and I was far from alone. It was a thing that was around. And it isn’t unbelievable for millionaire businessman sex pests to know about the incredibly famous guy’s legal problems related to him being a fellow sex pest.

Babies are supposed to learn that things can still exist even when they aren’t looking at them before turning 1.

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You clearly are not a parent. Jesus Christ, no offense, this is absurdly dumb…

Object permanence starts to kick in at 8 months.

I get that you are a paid Soros shill and that you’re mindlessly parroting talking points, but insisting that an unproven court case in 2005 would somehow have relevance in 2013 is very bizarre.

An unproven court case like the OJ murders? Yeah, nobody would ever talk about how he did it without the courts giving them a green light.

And is “Soros is behind the vile slur that Cosby is a serial rapist” really the choice you want to make here?

That’s a bad example, they just prosecuted the last known alleged Nazi concentration camp guard.


Yup and the Germany economy never suffered from world war one…

It was an obscure, unproven allegation.

OJ Simpson was acquitted due to political pressure following the Rodney King verdict and found liable by a civil suit. But you already knew that.

Unproven allegations. Like Richard Gere’s gerbil.

Not that obscure. It is Bill Cosby. You seem to be having a lot of trouble with the idea that people can know about something that you don’t know about.

And nobody ever made jokes about Richard Gere, right?

Just like everyone was waiting for that OJ civil suit to conclude.