Actual Ladder training

Being on this site a while and being interested in all manners of physical culture I noticed something I had not seen before the other day.

I work for the YMCA and was at the regional training center. They had some historic photos of some of the first gymnasiums and it had all the staples we seen reinvented or reintroduced today ( 1 inch DB's, Rings, Ropes, Paralell Bars, etc. ) in the picture. Here was the kicker, in the middle of this photo/gym was a 2 story ladder with about 3 guys doing various kinds of isometric holds on it ( body extended out,etc ). I had never heard of ACTUAL ladder training before. I have also never seen it mentioned like indian clubs or ring training.

Now, I must rush off and patent Secret Step Ladder Training of the Aztecs/Chinese Gymnasts/Estonian Strong men.

kettlebells, parellettes, ropes, ladders, and not a machine in sight.

"kettlebells, parellettes, ropes, ladders, and not a machine in sight."

A thing of beauty. Truely a refreshing sight.

i forgot medicine balls also. And i think there is an indoor track going around the top of the gym.

That was quite a bit what it looked like. One guy was doing a handstand on a rung, another was holding his body completely paralell, and the third was standing on it triumphantly. Maybe he was doing the first version of a stairmaster.

You mean kettlebells were used BEFORE Pavel's marketing?

I hope some folks on here don't have a heart attack over that picture.