+Actual Pic of Dan Black!!+

and the numbers begin at 1.


Am I the only one who doesn't get it?

What up Hollywood?

SPlain' it to the ignoramus.

you got me...

Pro and blue namer only thread is my guess. HOw can you tell waht the thread characteristics are?

me too

so many threads about dan black talking shit about 10th planet but never having the balls to show a pic of himself for fear of sheer ass-kickery. this post is private so only pros and blue names can view it...just to screw with the kkm and mudnamers.

hey waddya want im bored

i like this idea

hehe, u got me :D (not that it interests me all that much, buuuuuut I just had to click :)



Tul$a Top Team


I hate browsing the UG at work, my lazy ass actually has to then sign in to read these hoax threads.


Dan Black???

Chambers, you silly goose :)

I cant wait to see him in person.

You want to give him a big hug Tait?

internet famous, imo.