Acura Car Repair question

I'm really ignorant about cars so I'm turning to the UG/Motorground for some help. I have a 93 Acura Legend and for the last week, the two fans behind the radiator will not turn off whent he car is off. It kept draining my battery and I needed a jump every time I started the car. So to stop this I figured I'd pull out the fuse when I wasn't driving. According to fuse guide it's the condenser fan. When I put the fuse back in the fan stopped working all together. My understanding is that the condenser fan is for the A/C so should I give a shit that it's not working since it's the dead of winter?? Any input is appriciated.

uuuhh im not a technician but ill probably try to test out my diagnosis ability, HELL YEAH!!

the two fans behind the radiator, maybe the engine temp sensor is bad and getting the wrong reading so the fans stay on, so a bad et sensor possibly

when putting fuse back on the car, maybe put a different amperage rating fuse back onto the car and it now its just an open circuit now

dont listen to me, lets wait for a real tech to get in on this, there are lots of very knowledgable people in motorgrounds


Trace the wires at the fan motor backwards, should take you to the relay. Sounds like it first stuck "closed", then it just totally burned out after the fuse was pulled. It should just easily unplug.

Relay, that's what a few people have said. Thanks to both of you for responding. I'll see if I get in there and mess with it.

omg i didnt EVEN MENTION a relay, i feel worthless......

at least i tried, ill get there

I have a 92 Legend, I have to relace the blower motor, noc sensor, oxygen sensor and a complete brake job...I got it for free, are they worth fixing ot will it be a money pit?

blower motor, knock sensor, oxygen sensor sounds like it would be a 200-400 in parts right there if im not mistaken.

and as for complete brake job, does that mean new rotors/drums, calipers, pads, and lines? that would cost a lot.

are you going to be doing these repairs?

lets wait for an actual tech to get here lol