Acura NSX... WTF??

What's the deal with the Acura NSX. It costs $90,000 and only gets 290hp (252 with AT). I checked out its specs and can't see anything justifying the price tag. Does anyone know what's so special about this car?? What advantages does it have over, say, a 350Z?

all aluminum frame and body afaik. The car is the only supercar that can be driven by your grandmother. It's about as refined a car as you can get. Also, it's only 290 cus they're not allowed to make them with more power in japan.

It has been a while since I have driven one, but
from my memory the interior was beautiful, the
sound system was decent and the ergonomics
were perfect. The sound coming behind you is not
too bad either. Acceleration was pretty good,
handling was great, and the car was as easy to
drive as a 5 speed civic. My uncle used his as a
daily driver and got about 150,000 miles out of it.
Could have gotten many more as the engine still
ran great, he just decided he wanted something

I read this article on road and track from this really wealthy financial advisor dude that owns a lot of exotic cars from a ferrari modena, testarossa, diablo, corvette zr1, porsche 911 turbo, viper and a few other cars and he said the nsx was the best supercar he's ever owned and called it the perfect car. He had complained that all his other cars had been in the shop more often than the nsx. That goes a long way imo.

The car was actually placed on a podium at nasa for some time as an example of technological perfection.

I think Rogan ownes one. He was talking one time on here about how he drove a viper, a vet, and several other cars, and he went with the NSX over all of them.

I drove one, absolutely loved it.

I was thinking the same thing.

I am looking into a weekend warrior car and my choice is between viper and nsx. I probably will go nsx, just because I cannot bring myself to buy american cars.

The NSX got outperformed by the 300zx twin turbo supercar that anybody's grandmother can drive.


The nsx typeR version does the 1/4 mile in 12.8 seconds with only 290hp. I haven't seen to many accords do that, hell I haven't seen too many other cars do that in stock form period. Go here and watch a stock typeR nsx race a skyline gtr. On a track it would destroy the skyline.

About halfway down.

Or even is they didn't go turbo but offered the same specific output as the s2000....

2.0 liter at 240hp = 120hp per liter

3.2 liter NSX at 120hp per liter = 384HP

That would really be something to give a Ferrari 360 a run for it's money.

When the NSX debuted in 1991, it was making 270 hp, 13 years later you think they could throw a little more of that modern Honda engine technology into the thing...

That being said, I would love to get an older NSX as a second car and if I did, I would on the phone with comptech for a supercharger right away...

sloppy, i can almost guarantee you the next nsx will be quite a bit faster than this version. As it stands now you can slap a supercharger on one and push it well past 400hp. If japan didn't have that silly 276hp maximum law it would be different but most of the japanese automakers are starting to build their cars in Europe where they don't have to abide by these laws.

You can pick up a decent early 90's NSX for 25k, the problem is that the comptech s/c is almost 10k. The 290 hp version puts 258 to the wheels, which is very efficient. With the full comptech set-up it's 367 to the wheels lugging aroun barely more than 3000 lbs, you've got a very fast ride.

I've heard rumors of a V8 for the next NSX...

I've driven my dad's '97 NSX, quite a bit and for CA driving, it has all the power/speed that a mostly conservative driver like me or my dad would need.

I have no idea what kind of impact a performance kit would do to its handling but so far, it has been the best-handling car I've driven. For those who have had the chance to drive one and an RX7 TT, there's no comparison. The RX7 will bite you in the ass if you're not too savvy with speeds going through twisties.

The "fastest" sustained driving the NSX has been driven is about 450 miles in a little over 4 hours by my brother while I drove the RX7 ... including stops for gas, health breaks, etc.

It's very rare to see another hi-perf car at a stop light, make eye contact with the driver, and actually race. It's mostly drivers with "sporty" cars who want to "race."

In most of the late runs between Northern and Southern CA (Hiway 5), the few high-perf car drivers actually give up "racing" after just 15 minutes. In the coastal hiway going to Mendocino, most hi-perf car drivers get nervous and don't go fast through the twisties. Most performance cars hardly get driven the way they were engineered/designed.

zulrik is correct....

When I first got me 'sporty' saab 9000T, I tried to get an NSX to race me. I was on the highway with 3 other passengers and luggage...

I keep getting next to the NSX and pulling away he ignored me for awhile, but then decided to shut me up...

He back of and then went to fly by, each time I downshifted to 4th and stayed with him neck and neck.

It must have been an automatic, and later when we were in traffic I could it had heavy bling wheels...

Also the driver looked like he must have weighed 300lbs.

I realize that in most cases the NSX could cream me, though the auto is pretty neutered for power. Most people that drive true sports cars won't race on the street. It's a lose/lose situation, if that guy blew me away, big deal he beat a 4 dour car full of people with a sports car. If he loses, I get to brag that I took out an NSX with full car and luggage...

"...I've heard rumors of a V8 for the next NSX..."

*Drools* at the thought of a 4.5L v8 acura engine with vtec putting out the normal honda 100+hp/Litre. Vtec is the most underrated setup imo, it feels just as sweet as turbo kicking in without the lag. I love hearing the vtec kickover on any of the DOHC vtec's...seriously a doctor jeckyl and mr hyde.

In 1991, the 300zx twin turbo had 30 more horsepower, larger tires and bigger brakes.

It also won a shitload of championships in various series.

I can't remember the NSX winning anything.

In the NSX's's a drivers car....

Yes I know that sounds like total bullshit, but there are more than numbers. The 300zx is a monster out of the box and when it comes to tuning, the skies the limit.

About four years ago Sport Compact Car put a stock NSX against a stock Skyline. Both car where new and both were rated at the max japanese HP. You know which one was really more powerful and which one beat it around the track.

Even though the NSX didn't match the numbers the staff was hard pressed to vote for the Skyline. They said the way the NSX made you feel when driving was unparrarelled. Words like "perfection" kept coming up.

So I guess the appeal is there for somebody who doesn't race much, but likes to spend their time carving up back roads on there own and enjoys vehicle feel over raw numbers.

Personnally I do a little auto crossing and plan to get my car to the drag strip this summer, but most of my driving enjoyment comes from carving up Vermont mountain roads alone, or playing "follow me" with friends. Because of that I make my tuning decisions based on car feel more than numbers.

I've got so many clips on my hd of nsx's racing skylines, rx7's, evo's, ferraris, lamborghinis, porsches etc. I wish I could put them up on a server. The typeR version was sent to top gear for testing on their track and it put up the fourth fastest time in their history of testing...and it was raining that day. It was faster than all the 911's they tested and most of the ferraris with the exception of 1 I believe. HP numbers/quarter mile times don't show the essence of this car. It's basically a reliable ferrari made of aluminum(never rusts).

The typeR version is really something else. All the reviewers have a hard time believing that a car with 290hp can be so impressive on a track or the road for that matter.

Ponyboy, the s7 costs $350,000(most likely more) and I doubt it would be anywhere near as comfortable. Also, the 300zx and nsx never raced in the same league afaik but I do remember both cars winning a lot of races in their leagues. Both great cars.

sloppy2nds, what you said isn't bullshit and I'm sure the savvy members on this forum also look beyond the numbers.

The driving experience whether it's the occasional freeway race at 2am or up and down the mountains on twisty, 2 lane roads is what makes the NSX so impressive.

I suspect the driving experience is what makes car enthusiasts so fanatical about their choices. For example, the confidence inspired by the NSX doing 125 mph for hours is way higher than one would get from a regular car with just tons of HP but so so "feel." Just based on the few early morning runs up and down CA, the occasional muscle car would typically peel off from the "race" after 30 minutes at the most ... I suspect because of what the driver feels inside the car while going fast for a sustained period. Those cars are probably fine for stoplight to stoplight acceleration, but where's the joy in that?