Adam and Eve didn't eat an apple

HandsomeTopTeam - I wonder how the whole eating of the "Apple" became the go to fruit since NO Bible translations say apple.

The "pome"-part of pomegranate comes from the latin word for apple. It's known as a "grenade apple" in a lot of languages. Part of the word might have been lost along the way and just apple lived on. Especially if a translating munk had never eaten a "grenade apple" and didn't wtf it was. Phone Post

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The_KoJ - COME ON! I've been sittin on the edge of my seat for the past 13 hours bro! Phone Post

Sorry man. I just woke up from a dream where a friend of mine tried to rape me, then when I said no, he said you know you wanted it, then I said yea big fat gay guys make me hard (sarcastically), then when he walked away my mom came in and looked pissed and said wtf.

Strange morning Phone Post

That wasn't a dream. Phone Post

It was......I used to read word up magazine Phone Post