Adam Carolla on the Candidates (vid)

Can you argue against any of his fundamental premises?

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That was awesome. Common sense shit. But it's nice to hear someone say it. Wish the show we bigger, and his celebrity status, so that more people would be interested in it and hear what he says. Phone Post 3.0


The voice of reason, as always.

A refreshing break from politically-correct, liberal BS.

I'm posting that link in my American OGers thread.

This is exactly the kind of thing I'm trying to talk about over there.

I am a big fan of Adam, we are about the same age & grew up in startling similar circumstances.

This is the Adam I like, when he's straight shooting blue collar truth. Phone Post 3.0

The Adam Carolla podcast is great.

His podcast is great. Wish more people would listen to him. I do love how a guy who almost didn't graduate high school can out smart and out wit guys like Gavin Needones Phone Post 3.0