Adam Duritz. What a difference a haircut makes

As far as perception. I never liked them and would never had listened had he still looked like an asshole. But I was curious after seeing him like this. Thought it was man vs food adam. It’s actually a really good interview and you’ll end up liking him

Picture not knowing who he is and you just meet him at a bar and he starts telling you he’s banged all these women


Holy fucking shit.

If this list is real I need to learn to play an instrument.

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The counting crows guy is Jewish? I always thought he was black.

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Listening now. Never realized he was white

With the new haircut, didn’t recognize him when I saw him on TV.

Good episode, he comes across as very likeable

Me too lol

I think it’s easy to forget just how big a hit “Mr Jones” was in the 90’s, and how wet it made women.

My mind is blown

He’s not black?

Yeah, I saw the youtube thumbnail and thought damn he’s ugly. Then I started watching the clip and he came across as a grounded, good-natured guy who’s had more than his fair share of public abuse. I felt a little guilty. lol

His hair before was a wig.

Oh great! Counting Crows was my favorite band for a long time.

If counting crows came out now they would
Blame this guy doe black appropriation!

Loved that song back in the day.

It’s hard to reconcile in my mind that’s him.

I thought he was black growing up too. Good interview I was expecting not to the like the guy.
“A Long December” really grew on me over the years. He was right they were so overplayed in the 90s that the exposure made people hate on them and I was guilty of that but fuck some of those hits are catchy especially compared to this decades shit music.

Also there was just that thread about who would you rather bang Courtney Cox or Jennifer Aniston. If this guy actually did bang the cast of Friends crazy to think he would be the worlds expert on the subject if he posted in that thread.

There are black Jews… Lenny kravitz is one

Just started this, really good interview so far. Is there any footage out there of him at the friars club?