Adam Hunter Sean McCorkle MMA Roasted

My favourite podcast since 2014.
Sean gave me positively about 10yrs ago when I had 3 bulging herniated discs. (His injury very similar)

I was on pain meds booze and coke.
And his hilarity and DM’s aswell as Adams comedy and podcast really made me happy and get out of a rut.
I think MMA Roasted is up to 611 podcasts now and I have t missed one!

Thanks Adam , and Big Sexy (UG legend)
Don Frye, thank you for Ur service u funny F@ck .


Thanks man. Really appreciate you a lot.


Still waiting on Big Sexy to say Thank you… :hugs:
Don’t be like ur hero Matt Hughes…:wink:

McCorkle is the man!

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I love all his Schaub jokes

McCorkle does elevate the podcast to another level. Love Adam’s comedic genius, underrated podcast IMO

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110% brother @sockeye

Sean is a funny guy. Miss watching him fight.

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Sean is so quick on his feet (comedy-wise). Hilarious episode.

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