Adam Ryan is.....

Adam Ryan is teaching Denis's old class. I was thinking today that he has some hard shoes to fill. It is always hard for one instructor to become a permanent fill in for another the caliber of Denis. I know he dose not have the same hype as Denis  but he hits just as hard and has a quick choke also!! don't be shy and check it out!

I wanted people remember that he was one of the main training partner's  with Denis and has lots to offer. Adam is 5 and 0 in MMA and was the co-star in the great DVD Dynamic Kneebars.( which can be found at )  He is one of Marcus's brown belts, which is what Denis was when he started the class.

So go see Adam and see what he has to offer! I have the time and address but can someone post a phone #?


Universal Martial Arts, Suite #1(downstairs)-1256 Granville St vancouver (Granville & Drake)


Freestyle BJJ    Freestyle BJJ    Vale-Tudo/MMA     Freestyle BJJ

8:30-9:945     8:30-9:45         8:30-9:45              8:30-945

Universal Martial Arts Phone # 604-684-0991


i had the privledge of rolling with adam for a month when marcus was away. he beat me up good! i've trained with alot of guys from pride to tko and adam can lay down some beats!

just a correction tony, every day mon-thrus is just no-gi jiu jitsu grappling for the first hour (8:30-9:30) and then takedowns, boxing, and NHB for another hour after that.

Adam is just a natrual freek. I have seen him methodically dissmantle guys that look to be much stronger than him. He is also a great teacher, I definetly recomend him.

Adam is highly technical and does not rely too much on strength.

Also one thing to mention is that Tuesdays will be Freestyle BJJ for half the class, and the other half will be taught by Denis Kang's wrestling coach who will demonstrate technique and run drills.

Adams next objective is to do a similar thing but have Denis Kangs boxing coach, Tony Pep come in.


Adam is a great instructor and filling Denis's shoes just fine...

and Jimmy is correct classes are now 2 hrs.

Gonz, Jimmy - Are you guys heading down for Grapplemania? Anyone else from the club?

no, i changed my mind due to injuries and the price of the tourney. but i think a number of guys from john's classes are going.