Adam Singer in AZ

Adam Singer of the Hardcore Gym / Straight Blast Gym will be coming to AZ for the first time and doing a seminar the weekend of Feb. 26-27. He will be coaching from 10-2 both days and will cover the entire SBGi curriculum. Don't miss this chance to train with one of the finest coaches around. The cost for both days (if you pay before Feb. 10th) will be $70 for both days or $40 for one.
If you have any questions, e-mail me at

What is the contact info? It's not very clear. Where is the seminar going to be?

Good luck Adam with the seminar. His guys have some very good skills at the Hardcore gym.

Santino DeFranco



Adam = awesome coach. Be there!

One of the greatest coaches I have ever worked with in any sport!


todd: call me when you get a chance, hope all is well

I believe I met him in Nashville at the Eddie Bravo seminar. Seemed to be a real nice guy if it is the same guy. He was very big and tough looking but was intelligent to speak too.

I'd spend $40 to see what he knows... but I'm in Nashville.

TTT for the Singer's

No imagination here, he looks amazing in spandex!


Where in Arizona and the gym address etc....

Dudes (Charles, Steve etc) cut it out. I am not used to people saying nice things about me. Santino if you are in the area stop by and say whats up. Dhira if you make it out dinner is on me Sat night.

Ed that was me. I was in the DL mode.LOL


I'm in NW Phoenix, near 43rd Ave. and Happy Valley Rd.

You can e-mail me at if you need any specific info.