Adam Singer Workshop Review

On January 3rd, 2004, Adam Singer held a workshop at Paul Myatovich's in Hamilton. Kick yourself if you did not make it.

We started off with sprawl warmups, shrimping and other drills. We began the actual 'meat' of the seminar with some 'crazy monkey' style defense. Very reminiscent of D'amato-era Tyson, I must say. We learned a bit about stepping into power and bobbing-weaving to power shots, crazy monkey to clinch, etc. We did a few other things in the 1st 1/3rd of the seminar but I had not sweat out all of the alcohol from The New Year as of yet, so some of it is a bit fuzzy.

We started the 2nd /3rd of the seminar with clinch technique, clinch to takedown, striking fundamentals within clinch, control etc. Covered a bit about the whizzer and sprawl, etc. Too much to list. Great stuff!!!!

We ended the last 3rd of the seminar with live sparring, wrestling, rolling, Etc, Q&A (what were those 5 punches again?), and some overall closure to the workshop. Great stuff and I would recommend Adam's workshops to anyone. Very informative, a comfortable atmosphere, and only high percentage stuff. Thanks again!


Very good stuff. The workshop was a blast -- Adam
is an excellent instructor and creates a great

Mark, nice to meet you and all the NJ guys.
Awesome to see Christian again.

Paul, thanks again to you and Beth for the

Last thing -- never underestimate the value of
networking. I now know who to call if I ever wind up
in a Mexican prison. (That plan was foolproof!)

Steve Whittier

Steve-pleasure meeting you too.


great seeing Adam, Paul, and all the gang from the SBGi-Hamilton again.

Adams's a great coach and i really enjoy the way he's able to channel all the games together and help you see where certain sport specific (boxing, muay thai, freestyle wrestling) techniques & strategies need to be adjusted for street or MMA fighting. thats a rare quality to find with some who has competitive experience in all the ranges of fighting. i came away with a lot of really good drills and new ideas to work with. thanks again Adam.

Steve, good to see you too ... and thanks for only passing my guard once this time =p


TTT, one more time