Adam Singer Workshop

This Saturday January 3rd, 10am-2pm at Ares and Agon Martial Arts/Straight Blast Gym of Hamilton, New Jersey. Email me at for directions, or call me 609.977.8966. If you need a place to stay, or a pickup at the train station in Hamilton, or anything, let me know. - Paul

Alas- I will not be attending!

This will be an excellent workshop!

can someone email directions to Pauls place coming from Philly? rt1 or 95

this is Paul's gym address:

Ares and Agon Martial Arts/Straight Blast Gym of Hamilton, NJ
116 Flock Road
Hamilton NJ, 08619
Phone: 609.588.9900

i'm probably taking the NJtransit from Penn Station so i cant help you with directions. you can call the gym or plug the address into


Paul will put up directions on friday afternoon.

Directions from Philly: take 95 North into New Jersey. 95 North turns into 295 South (Don't ask) Exit 295 at 65A/Sloan Ave East. Go past the AMC movie theater, through the light at Quakerbridge Road. Once you cross over Quakerbridge, Sloan Ave becomes Flock Rd. The first shopping center on your left once you drive through the light is University Plaza. Pull in the second driveway, the school is on the corner. Call me if you have problems - 609.977.8966


Drop a brother an email.

Jerry W.

Call Pauls cell when you get to the train station so we can get you.

Hey are you all recording the seminar and possible putting it on a video of some sort?