Adams and Sadej Coaching Video

I just received the BJA National Coaching Course 2003 from It has Neil Adams teaching gripping, Andrzej Sadej (Judo Canada Sports Director) teaching Eastern European methods of tachi and newaza, and Clive Taylor going through the first three sets of nage no kata. It runs for 2 hours 45 minutes and is only 15 pounds.

I bought the tape for the Neil Adams section on gripping. You can see by the way he moves why Adams was such a dangerous competitor. The man has very fast feet and very fast hands. I have his books on grips and Ewan Beaton's videos (which also teach gripping), but seeing Adams do it to such a high level was illuminating. What makes it especially interesting is that he prefers the sleeve/lapel grip and not specialist grips like Jeon or Koga. He talks alot about how gripping only works with "body movement" but you've got to see it to appreciate it.

The real revelation of the tape though was Andrzej Sadej. Watching him teach made me wish I was a kid growing up under his tutelage. He goes through a slow, technical breakdown of how a turtle turnover should be done, breaks down how proper kuzushi works, and discusses how to maintain balance against gari attacks and lifts. What was interesting was how so many of the British coaches couldn't do what Sadej was describing as exercises for children. Makes you really respect the Soviet coaching system... Quite simply the best teaching of basics I've ever seen.

It reminds me of the time when I attend the seminar by Kashiwazaki. His footwork is so good and fast. His assistant was teaching us correct grip and kuzushi, then he came on and joking said since he didnt got the talent to master the grip/kuzushi, he compensate that by getting himselves into correct body position. He then went on to show us some of his footwork. It is just mind-boggling! Unfortunately the Hong Kong Judo Association prohibit us from is amazing

sadej was a good coach, i remember when he first started with judo canada years ago, he was at the kiichi sai club in whitby and many people (including myself) encouraged him to get involved with jc..he did and the rest is history...he was well trained in sport study and made good use of training drills and exercises...the circuit routine in my book was shown to me by him and the team at the time did this routine, i had made some subtle changes, but essentially, it was him where i first saw it...note that i do not call it "wayland jitsu" but that i give credit where credit is due (like the 100 plus references in the book)...a little sarcasm due to the historical accounts of jiujitsu threads..

as another footnote, when sadej was training for his coaching positions in judo canada (back in 1990), he came to my place so i could help him study and brush up on the NCCP coaching curriculum..he knew the material, but his english skills were not that great..we spent much time on reviewing material and preparing him for his equivalency exam for his level 3 theory and technical test...imagine that, me helping him way back then..

it bothered me the years to follow when i retired and went back to judo canada to offer my assistance with their sport science program and coach education currriculum, fresh out of grad school, i was hungry to contribute to sport development, one year (1995), i even wrote and submitted a grant proposal to sport canada with the assistance of professors at mcmaster university to test our national team..judo canada was very passive in this regard at the time..i even went to them to suggest they assist in the publication of my book to make it a product they could use for their coach education curriculum, but they were not interested...this was my last attempt at trying to contribute to the is bothersome to see other countries and sport programs value this kind of contribution, but my own organization would not..oh well, now you know the rest of the story...

...the tape(s) are available under the heading;

BJA (British Judo Association)junior syllabus


The Tape on the above link say's it was released in 1989. Is that the tape you're talking about?


sorry...that is the wrong tape I listed above...I spoke to them on the phone and they said the 2003 BJA Coaches Course will be listed on the website in the New Year...if you want to purchase the tape you have to phone them directly at: +44(0)20 8877 1441


Is this fantastical tape NTSC or PAL?