Adams Tight Lies??

hey guys..just won an Adams Tight Lies 13* fairway metal off of e-Bay (DallasGolf for anyone who cares)

great deal...30 bucks plus shipping..ANYWAYS!!!

I bought it to replace an old junker of a 5 wood that I had from years ago.

What can y'all tell me about Adams clubs? Like I said it is a 13* fairway metal, stiff graphite shaft, stainless steel head...nothing too fancy about it.

All I can tell you is that it looks good when I ground it, and believe it or not, to me that is half of the

Any comments/questions? Don't hesitate!

solid club.  i've always hit them well, might be the low profile.

if it feels good to you that's all the counts, confidence in you and your equipment is #1.  

got to hit the stick today..used it on a short par 4 to lay up, and on a couple of par 5's

the tee shot on the par 4 was nice..just an easy swing (as it was the FIRST time I hit it) ..carried around 210..very low trajectory.

the first fairway shot I hit was from about 240 out, so I gave it a little too much gas..pushed it HARD into the trees LOL

I'll have to let the club do the work, instead of trying to make it do things it won't do, or that I can't make it do.

All in all, a good purchase IMHO.

13 degrees is like a strong 3 wood. 5 woods are usually 18-20 degrees. you should be getting considerable distance gains from this thing.