ADCC 2003 DVD's...Im Still Waiting

Still no update on when the pre-order will start?

I would hope soon or the release will not be until Feb...please say it aint so :(

There will be a press release in the next week -

It is inexcusably late, we know, and we are stupid for missing Christmas, it wasnt some saavy ploy to sell DVDs.

There are a million reasons, but with the competitions gearing up, ADCC wil be picking up steam again!

The set will be about $100, it will not be the entire tournament.

Hopefully, it edits out any naked. :)

Migeuli, what do you mean it will not be the entire tournament? Will some matches be missing?

Many matches will be missing.

This was the GRAND cause of the delays - we were asking for other camera angles and tapes.

The bottom line is that we video'd the event before (2000, 2001) and we got every match.

The Brazilian crew this year set up TV to tape the MIDDLE mat, with only minimal coverage of the two other mats used during the 1st day.

Many matches that occured on day 1 from the side mats are not available. That said, the set will be approx. 12 of the 18 hours and will be the best production we have done ever.

More in the press release ...