ADCC 2003 - The DVD Set Is Coming!

"ADCC 2003 - The DVD Set Is Coming!
Submitted by: ADCC NEWS / MMA Editor
Posted On 01/17/2004


The ADCC 2003 5th Submission Wrstling World Championships will be remembered as the greatest grappling event of the year 2003, hands down, and many say it was the greatest competition ever. 'It is FINALLY coming on DVD!' states spokesman Miguel Iturrate. 'The Submission Wrestling World Championship DVDs will be a 5 disc set, and it is out for replication right now - it wil lship in weeks!'

The ADCC 2003 competition featured the top submission experts in the grappling world today in grueling 16 man, single elimination tournaments. Standouts from Brazil include Marcelo Garcia, Marcio 'Pe De Pano' Cruz, Renzo Gracie, Royler Gracie, Saulo Ribeiro, Leo Veiera, Ronaldo 'Jacare' and many more! International stars Akira Shoji (Japan), Joachim Hansen (Norway), Jon Olav Einmo (Norway), Mark Robinson (South Africa), Chris Brown (Australia) all appear, as does a strong contingent of Americans led by Dean Lister, Eddie Bravo, David Terrell, Jeff Monson and many others. This DVD is not to be missed!

Set of 5 DVDs for 5th Submission Wrestling World Championships - Complete Lineup below! ORDER NOW AND SAVE!


- Marcio Pe De Pano Cruz (Brazil) Vs Yuki Sasaki (Japan)
- Marcelo Garcia (Brazil) Vs Mike Van Arsdale (USA)
- Saulo Ribeiro (Brazil) Vs Jeff Monson (USA)
- Nathan Marquardt (USA) Vs Dean Lister(USA)
- Akira Shoji (Japan) Vs Mitsuhiro Ishida (Japan)
- Fabricio Werdum (Brazil) Vs Matt Lindland (USA)
- Rodrigo Comprido (Brazil) Vs Alexandre Cacareco (Brazil)
- Andy Reese (USA) Vs Mark Robinson (South Africa)
- Marcio Pe De Pano Cruz (Brazil) Vs Marcelo Garcia (Brazil)
- Saulo Ribeiro (Brazil) Vs Dean Lister (USA)

ABSOLUTE DISC 2 + The Superfight:

- Akira Shoji (Japan) Vs Fabricio Werdum (Brazil)
- Alexandre Cacareco (Brazil) Vs Andy Reese (USA)
- Marcio Pe De Pano Cruz (Brazil) Vs Dean Lister (USA)
- Fabricio Werdum (Brazil) Vs Alexandre Cacareco (Brazil)
- Marcio Pe De Pano (Brazil) Vs Fabricio Werdum (Brazil)
- Dean Lister (USA) Vs Alexandre Cacareco (Brazil)

- Mark Kerr (USA) vs. Ricardo Arona (Brazil)


65.99 kg & under:
- Royler Gracie (Brazil) Vs Charles Pearson (USA)
- Katsunhiro Hirate (Japan) Vs Alexandre Soca (Brazil)
- Nobu Yagie (Japan) Vs Mike Mrkulic (USA)
- Eddie Bravo (USA) Vs Royler Gracie (Brazil)
- Rany Yahrya (Brazil) Vs Leonardo Viera (Brazil)
- Royler Gracie (Brazil) Vs Alexandre Soca (Brazil)
- Eddie Bravo (USA) Vs Leonardo Viera (Brazil)
- Leonardo Viera (Brazil) Vs Barret Yoshida (USA)

66-76.99 kg:
- Kiuma Kunioku (Japan) Vs Marcelo Garcia (Brazil)
- Daniel Moraes (Brazil) Vs Otto Olsen (USA)
- Marcelo Garcia (Brazil) Vs Renzo Gracie (Brazil)
- Vitor Shaolin (Brazil) Vs Chris Brown (Australia)
- Vitor 'Shaolin' (Brazil) Vs Marcelo Garcia (Brazil)
- Marcelo Garcia (Brazil) Vs Otto Olsen (USA)


77-87.99 kg:
- Denis Kang (USA) Vs Andy Reese (USA)
- Ronaldo Jacare (Brazil) Vs Ryan Gracie (Brazil)
- Matt Lindland (USA) Vs Yushin Okami (Japan)
- Ronaldo Jacare (Brazil) Vs Matt Lindland (USA)
- Rodrigo Comprido (Brazil) Vs Saulo Ribeiro (Brazil)
- Ricardo Cachorrao (Brazil) Vs Ronaldo Jacare (Brazil)
- Ricardo Cachorrao (Brazil) Vs David Terrel (USA)
- Ronaldo Jacare (Brazil) Vs Saulo Ribeiro (Brazil)


88-98.99 kg:
- Beau Clark (USA) Vs Chael Sonnen (USA)
- Ken Kronenburg (USA) VS. Larry Papadopoulos (Australia)
- Roger Gracie (Brazil) Vs Mario Sperry (Brazil)
- Alexandre Ribeiro (Brazil) Vs Dean Lister (USA)
- Alexandre Ribeiro (Brazil) Vs Roger Gracie (Brazil)
- Alexandre Cacareco (Brazil) Vs John Olav Enemo (Norway)

Over 99 kg:
- Alex Negao (Brazil) Vs Jun Iishi (Japan)
- Jehad Hamdan (Israel) Vs Otavio Tata Duarte (Brazil)
- Jeff Monsen (USA) Vs Marcio Pe De Pano (Brazil)
- Soa Palalei (Australia) Vs Roy Nelson (USA)
- Alex Negao (Brazil) v. Mike Van Arsdale (USA)
- Marcio Pe De Pano Cruz (Brazil) v. Fabricio Werdum (Brazil)



The live production in Brazil at the time of the event in May of 2003 was done by a separate company that produced the DVDs, and their emphasis was the TV broadcast. 'The live event was taped with an emphasis on the TV mat, the middle mat.' states spokesman Miguel Iturrate. 'The matches on the side mats were taped on a lower format, and cannot be released as part of the set. This loss was inevitable, and attempts to get additional footage from Brazil have failed. As a results, the set is almost 1/2 the price it has been in years past, and it does feature the best action and best production we have ever done.'

The set has sold as high as $200 in past years. 'It is on presale for $90 makes this a great buy anyway.'

'The poor SUPERVHS quality footage may see the light of day as 'BONUS' material on future DVDs, but it is not really usable as part of the set.' concludes the spokeman."


I'd love to see the bonus dvd with the lower quality footage.
Many would buy that DVD as well. I would.


I wil lsay here what I cant say in a press release -

The main thing with the SUPERVHS is that the cameraman really seemed to not care, and the are on autofocus, or they dont zoom in and you have a big white mat space and 2 little fighters fighting....

It also had really poor lighting, so when the 'BONUS' footage comes out, it may be parts of matches, sequences and things. It is that messed up.

The Brazilian crew had 2 requirements from ADCC:
- TV coverage and event on TV.
- Tape the WHOLE thing.

The tape the whole thing became SUPERVHS amateurs on the stuff that thge TV crew didnt cover.

Just too many logisitical battles to fight to get it right the first time on the road.... It sux for the fighters mainly.




The complete footage of the side matches would be an
interesting video to have, even if some of the footage is crap.
The crappy footage is better than nothing, so you might as
well add it to the Bonus DVD. People will understand, and
will probably want the full unedited version no matter how
bad it is.